Travelers on the way to the Houston area will find airport options to accomodate every need. Whether it is for business, pleasure, the student on the way to college, or a family reunion, Houston is prepared for all visitors. There are three, major, international airports in Houston, sure to accomodate any travel itineraries coming to and going from the area. George Bush Intercontinental Airport, William P. Hobby Airport, and Ellington Field combine to form one of the largest airport networks in the country. The latest advances are employed at Houston airports with a wide range in flights, from small, private flights, to large, commercial airplanes. Jumbo planes, personally built air craft, commercial lines, F-16′s, and crop dusting planes name only a few of the types of aircraft coming in, carrying cargo and passengers.

The George Bush Intercontinental Airport is considered Class B, a short distance north of Houston, and handling domestic and international flights. Charter flights are available. Transportation, whether ground or terminal, is easily accessible. Taxis, a bus service, a shuttle service, and courtesy vans will get passengers to any final destination.

William P. Hobby airport is only seven miles from downtown Houston, making it extremely convenient. It is Houston’s oldest airport, handles mainly domestic flights, and is an international point for Mexico. It also offers a bus service, shuttle service, taxis, and courtesy vans to help passengers make their way out of the airport with ease.

Ellington Airfield is a civil and military airfield with three runways and even supports NASA. Its main focus revolves around cargo for NASA, atmospheric testing for the military, training and other military missions.

Houston airports vary in functions and provide the appropriate travel options for anyone taking a trip to the area in Texas. Flying Houston is a positive way to go.